Hybrid Traction Power Wheelchair

No compromise!


The Alltrack R3 Hybrid Power Wheelchair & R3-HD are the one and only true Hybrid Power Wheelchair, melding the best attributes of rear-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive in one capable package. The R3 Hybrid Power Wheelchair is ideal for users that demand the outdoor performance, speed, and comfort of a traditional rear-wheel drive but need the maneuverability provided by mid-wheel drive. By combining unique geometry with patented dual-action suspension, the R3 Hybrid Power Wheelchair offers a compact, maneuverable base without sacrificing performance!


  • Patented Dual-Action Suspension: Fully independent 6-wheel interactive suspension with vertical shock absorption 
  • Stability, speed, comfort, and outdoor performance of rear-wheel drive
  • Compact footprint and turning radius of 21.75” (550 mm) provides maneuverability similar to a mid-wheel drive
  • Available with center mount articulating foot platform or independent elevating legrests
  • Multiple frame, drive wheel and caster options
  • Available in standard (300 lb weight capacity) and HD (400 lb. weight capacity) models


Technical Specifications

Configuration Hybrid-wheel drive – Standard (Alltack R3 Hybrid) or Heavy-duty (Alltrack R3-HD Hybrid)
HCPCS Codes K0848/K0856/K0861 - 0-300 lb Alltrack R3 Hybrid
K0850/K0858/K0862 - 0-400 lb Alltrack R3-HD Hybrid
Suspension system Patented Dual-Action Suspension: Fully independent 6-wheel interactive suspension with vertical shock absorption
Ground clearance1 3.5” (90 mm) with a 14” (355 mm) drive wheel,
2.875” (75 mm) with a 12.5” (320 mm) drive wheel
Base width2 23.375” (595 mm) with GP 22 batteries or 25.375” (645 mm) with GP 24 batteries
Base length2 35.875” (910 mm)
Base turning radius 21.75” (550 mm)
Weight capacity 0-300 lb (0-136 kg) R3 Hybrid
0-400 lb (136-180 kg) R3-HD Hybrid
4-Pole motor options 6.5 mph (10 km/h) Std (R3/R3-HD Hybrid)
8.5 mph (13.7 km/h) option (R3 Hybrid) max. user weight 250 lb
Transit option (Unoccupied) 4-point tie-down brackets (Standard)
Transport option WC-19 (Occupied) Optional with select seat sizes and seating configurations
Battery types Two 12 V, deep cycle Gel cell Group 22NF (50 Ah) or Group 24 (70 Ah)
Battery charger 8 A, off board
Electronics  PG Drives VR2 (non-expandable 90 A) or R-net (expandable 90 A or 120 A)
Assistive driving package Available with Smart-Track technology
Specialty controls Compatible with Switch-It, Stealth, ASL or MO-VIS as well as other current systems
Seat width range Adjustable from 15” to 26” (380 mm to 660 mm) wide
Power seating option and HCPCS codes³ Power Tilt (E1002),
Power Recline with Mechanical Shear Reduction (MSR) (E1004),
Combination Power Tilt and Recline with MSR (E1007),
Center Mount Elevating & Articulating Foot Platform (E1012),
Independent Power Elevating & Articulating Legrests (E1010),
Power Seat Elevate (E2300)
Seat to floor height range
(With power tilt or seat elevate)*
15.75” to 19” (400 mm to 485 mm)
Seat to floor height range
(With combo power tilt and
seat elevate)*
17.75” to 18.5” (450 mm to 470 mm)
Components weights4 For a compact base width 23.375”: 127 lb (57 kg);
For a standard base width 25.375”: 132 lb (59 kg)
Group 22NF: 2 x 36.6 lb (16.6 kg);
Group 24: 2 x 54 lb (24.5 kg)
Drive wheel diameter 12.5” or 14” (320 mm and 355 mm)
Caster wheel diameter 8” or 9” (205 mm or 230 mm)

* Add 1.5” (40 mm) when using the HD elevate module.
1. Subject to variances depending on configuration and manufacturing tolerances.
2. Dimensions listed are for power base only.
3. Custom specialized power seating options available.
4. Contact Customer Service for additional weight information.