All Track series power wheelchairs

AllTrack series power wheelchairs


Life is unpredictable… your mobility device shouldn’t be.

Alltrack Power Wheelchairs are renowned for their exceptional stability, comfort, and durability. All our power chairs feature a patented Dual-Action Suspension system and offer various power seating options such as our Alta Power Seat Elevation, representing the pinnacle of engineering. Every power positioning module, including custom specialized power seating, is meticulously crafted by our dedicated team of designers, carefully installed by our expert technicians, and subjected to rigorous testing by our quality assurance specialists.

With a long-standing history of trust from healthcare professionals and caregivers, Alltrack power chairs have consistently proven to be purpose-built and reliable for their users. An ideal power wheelchair is one that surpasses expectations by addressing the unique needs of individuals. Amylior prides itself in building an Alltrack especially adapted to the user’s physical abilities.