Aftermarket Power Positioning Systems

AMYSEAT custom/standard Aftermarket Power Positioning Systems are manufactured at Amylior's facilities to insure users' needs are met.

A solution for every need

AMYLIOR manufactures complex power positioning solutions for all your needs that may include standard or custom power seating systems.  Each component has been designed, engineered, produced and distributed from our local facility leaving no room for discrepancies on the final product.  We took great care to ensure that each unique power seating solution is a cut above the rest and of the highest quality, and it's all backed by a solid comprehensive warranty. A dedicated team of customer service and technical support professionals are available to ensure your complete satisfaction, and help you configure even the most complex power seating solution.  Each power seating component AMYLIOR designs is made to interface seamlessly with most rehab power bases in the industry, while offering a multitude of modules to choose from including custom offerings.

Technical Specifications

Please view order forms or contact customer services for details.