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Therapeutic air cushion

Through material and manufacturing innovations, the CG Air is a true reinvention of the air cushion. CG Air has tackled hygiene issues, stability, maintenance and positioning concerns that have plagued other cushions; without compromising on pressure management. The CG Air’s improved benefits will allow users to return to the best pressure management therapy in seating.

Pressure management

Proven to be a true pressure relieving cushion, the new innovative air channels in the CG Air design allow for more air to move beneath the user in a smoother and more controlled flow in order to help stimulate blood circulation.

CG Air is an Amylior Inc. brand

Better Stability and Positioning

The Medical Grade PVC that we use is more stable due to the cells retaining their shape rather than over-inflating. Medical PVC is not as bulbous as other materials and won’t let the cushion splay thus giving the user security through stability. Sitting on this air cushion will give you the sensation of sitting on gel with the benefits of air therapy. The CG Air allows for true immersion as it actively creates an ischial well to help stabilize the user’s pelvis and prevents unwanted pelvic rotations. Dual valves allow for side to side and front to back positioning options.

Better air retention, easier to clean and no retention of smell

A patented High Frequency Weld is used to attach the base of the cushions, the cells and valve(s) together. As there are no glues used in this process, the CG Air is a great solution for those situations where incontinence or exposure to moisture may be a factor. It is even safe to put the cushion in the washing machine or autoclave. Being that Medical grade PVC is a non-porous material, this makes it easier to clean with no retention of smell. It also eliminates air loss and requires less maintenance. Medical Grade PVC is a durable, yet soft material that will stand up to wear and tear.

CG Air Valve

Quality and Durability

A new age in pressure relief is here. The CG Air combines all the features needed in achieving optimal pressure relief, while also providing unmatched stability, durability and quality without sacrifice. Utilizing materials such as medical grade PVC and manufacturing processes like High Frequency Welding (patented) and injection molding make the CG Air a distinctly better cushion. Made from fire/flame retardant (CAL117-2013), non-allergenic, anti-fungal Medical Grade PVC, the CG Air can be used in many situations where allergies play a part in client care.

All CG Air cushions come standard with:
- Hand air pump
- Choice of 3 different fire-retardant covers: Standard 2-way stretch, 3D Mesh or Incontinence
- 2-year replacement warranty

CG Air 3D Mesh

Customizing the cushion

CG Air Deluxe is the tailor-made version that best meets the unique needs of each user. The production of a customized mold allows us to alter cell heights and modify the shape of the cushion’s compartments.